I've used Timber Cuts a few times this year, and have been more than please with each visit. This is my first old home with a yard and mature HUGE trees to take care of. After the hurricane-strength winds last year (thank you very much, 2020) I was so afraid that these beautiful trees I bought the house for were injured, or that I could lose trees or they could crash into my old home. Burke really came through and did an inspection on each tree on my property to ensure their stability and accurately gage what they needed. This was such a peace of mind moment for me. Second time I used them they removed a massive tree that was a huge problem. The tree was eating through my sewer line, and causing my downstairs bath a lot of back up. It was just way too close to the house, and was potentially causing foundation issues and cracks in my brick as well. That tree must've been over 100ft tall, but these guys had it out in no time, and then Burke came back and thoroughly ground down the stump. Now I had super pretty mulch! Thank you, thank you, for all you have done to make my house safe and pretty!

Rachel Anne

We recently hired Timber Cuts Tree Service to tidy up our yard. They removed large dead bushes, large overgrown bushes, a half dead tree and trimmed our HUGE sycamore. After that was done they removed the stumps from the ground. We couldn't be more pleased with their timely and efficient work! Thanks Timber Cuts....with all the trees we have hanging around, I'm sure we'll be back soon!


WOW~ At a time when services don't return calls, are always late when they do, rarely show up after giving you absurdly high bids, and do sloppy and incomplete work when they DO work, Timber Cuts is a breath of fresh air.
Burke answered my first call. He showed up 5 minutes early to give me a bid. The bid was so low I felt guilty accepting it. We set the date for him to come clear out 4 trees. He showed up, again, about 5 minutes early, removed the trees, and..get ready for it... CLEANED UP!!
I wish he did other work, from landscaping to painting to all the stuff I need done around here. But I'll settle for the best job I've seen in years. Yes Virginia, some people really DO take pride in their profession!

Thank you Burke. I'll be referring you to everyone and every business I know.

P.S. Now that you've completed the job for me - you really do need to raise your rates ;)

Wallace Greenwell

Amazing, professional, knowledgeable, prompt are all words I would use to describe Timber Cuts Tree Service. When they came out to cut down two very large trees for us, I could not have felt more comfortable with the price they quoted and the fact that they let us make the decisions along the way as to what we were wanting. They were very personable and made us feel at ease from the time we received the quote. These guys are the real deal and I have already referred them to two other people. Don't waste your time with getting multiple quotes, these guys are the best.

Spring Greenberg

We had a dead tree in a difficult location. Inside a rail road tie planter on a lower deck. Burke and his team had to go down a long stairway just to get to the tree.
They did a great job. Removed the tree without damage to our decks and planters. Left the job site neat and clean.

Jody Wilkinson

Just did an amazing job. So good to work with. Very kind, professional, and thorough. I would highly recommend.

Tim West